MochiSwap is a decentralized Multichain DEX DAO utilizing Harmony ONE, Binance Smart Chain along with a growing list of prospective Blockchains.

MochiSwap is not chain centric, the principles stand with being Blockchain Agnostic and a core mission to bring DeFi and Decentralization to the entire world.

Mining bMOCHI & hMOCHI

MOCHI - The native token for MochiSwap DEX, can only be created from Mining. There is NO pre-sale, Initial Coin Offering (ICO), or pre-distribution.

The MOCHI Token is decentralized, it is liquidity mined by users in a fair and non monetary release.

Mining is performed currently on BSC(Binance Smart Chain) and Harmony ONE Blockchains -- MOCHI core belief is following in the footsteps of Bitcoin in a goal to bring a full decentralized eco-system on it's respective supported blockchains from community developers.

MOCHI Community

MOCHI is a Decentralized Community and organization(DAO) based. There is no one set leader, but a group of developer contributors/community members around the world!

MochiSwap is a community project, developers are volunteers and anyone can contribute to the protocol, services or create governance proposals.

Any person in the world can help shape the future of MochiSwap, the Decentralized Snapshot Governance is located at:

If you're a developer and want to contribute to the various codebases or documentation you can join the developer telegram channel to get started.

Any MOCHI stakeholder can submit Proposals(DAO Fund) that is supported and elected in a decentralized governance voting utilizing on-chain snapshots.